Game of Thrones Conquest Beginners Guide


game of thrones conquest beginners guide

After seven successful seasons, HBO games have launched their Game of Thrones Conquest. For all GOT lovers, it is an excellent option to allure their fascination with the seven kingdoms.

But it is not watching Series, playing games has many tits and bits. We intend to provide beginners guide to smoothen up your transition from Series to the game.

Log In To the Game Every Day

As a consistent player, GOT Conquest allows you to collect some exciting rewards. Currently, you must log in for consecutive seven days and receive the lucrative bonus content unlocked on the seventh day.

Destroy the AI Creatures

The game requires you to destroy AI-controlled Creatures and some non-mythical beasts. These are fictional beasts that you can fight for extra resources and objects. Tap on the world map on a Creature, and you’ll be provided with some details about the monster as well as the prizes you can earn and sometimes Experience.

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Play the Quests

The missions in this game are essential activities that can be accomplished by playing the game spontaneously. You can reach them and view the desired quest right at the bottom of the display. Tap on the profile of Tyrion to show the task page.

Manage the coins cautiously

Coins aren’t quick to get through in GoT, and it becomes harder to gain a significant amount as you advance. Usually, as part of the quest fulfilment bonuses, you can earn them. The last item you’ll pay coins is to immediately finish the job. Instead, use other speed-ups and often try to use the gold on a more effective way.

Peace Shields

In GoT: Conquest, you’re only going to get moving with only 8-hour “Peace Shield” when no enemy houses can attack you. But when you advance, you will get higher Peace Shields.

Scout then Attack

In Got Conquest, you might send anyone just to explore the area before you strike. Collect info about the resources of the area and the available defending troops.

Train Rarer Troops

When you progress to the advanced stage, more categories of troops will be released. Such forms of troops will be unusual than the common ones. You must start to focus on educating those who are better and rarer to combat the harder wars.

Upgrade Your Farms and Sawmills

To gather more resources, you must upgrade our generating machines regularly. At a later stage, you will understand the importance.

Send Your Troops to collect Resources

When you are not at war, you must not keep your troops idle. Send them to farming and gathering resources. Moreover, know about how to get free gold in got conquest game legally.

Connect Facebook

Getting social at the early stage will familiarize you with some exciting new update of the game and provide an opportunity to collect rewards as well.